What is it about Music & Writing

Music.  There is some sort of eloquent inspiration that comes from music.  It fills me up in ways that no other form of art could.  I believe that there is a song for every moment.  Every tear, every joyous moment, every good feeling or bad feeling, there is a song.  I love the feeling I get when I listen to music.  My preference is Indie Singer Song Writers because those artists boldly write what they feel and it escapes main stream and lands into a place of realism.

In order to truly be a good writer, you have to be able to feel the unfeelable emotions that are so deep inside they barely exist.  Music, heart break, tragedy, true love and having a child allows you to glimpse into this secret emotional hiding place.  When I write, I write from that place.  That secret emotional tunnel that keeps me from believing in unreasonable fantasies and impossible ideals, that’s where I find my rhythm.

To be truly great at something you have to find the feeling that occurs in that great moment.  It’s somewhere in there, somewhere only you could look.    It’s like digging through an infinity of puzzle pieces that you have been creating since you breathed your first breath.  It’s this beautiful enlightening journey of decisions and feelings that no one but you has the choice to make.  This is your life, so listen to the music and be creative in the way that you know how to be.  I will tell my son to be who you want, be who you are comfortable being and never let the world or the choices you make change you.  Listen to music and dance when you want to and cry when you want to.  We are all losing time, wasting time and being destroyed by time, slow down and listen.


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