Unexpected Surgical Nightmare: Round 4

The Aftermath of my Hospital Escape

Upon getting home from horrible experience at Traditions, my Doctor called and said, “Nicole why did you leave the hospital?  You need to go back immediately.  I have orders to have you admitted so we can get down to the issue of your pain and discomfort.  Please return to the hospital right away.”

I told him what had happened and how I was severely neglected from the time I got there and how rude the nurses were and how I hadn’t seen a doctor and how I waited in the waiting room in pain for nearly an hour.  I asked him if I could go to another hospital, but unfortunately, he only had privileges at Traditions.  I decided in that moment that before I set foot back into that hell hole hospital, I was going to call the person in charge and make sure that I was going to be treated with the respect and attention that any person who comes to their facility deserves.

That’s when I met Tim.  He is what they call the Aid In (not sure if I am saying that right) but basically he is one of the kings of the nursing staff at Traditions.  I told him about the whole experience from start to finish and how I was told to come back because of how sick I am from the pain I am in. He was livid that I was treated so badly. He was very kind and made sure that when I got there, that he had a bed ready for me in both the emergency room and the 4th floor where I was being admitted to.  He had a nurse named Weston who stayed by my bed side throughout my whole time in the E.R. and made sure I had the best drugs to deal with the pain and anxiety of being in the hospital yet again.  I have to say that despite the fact that I will never return to Traditions unless I had no other choice, Tim made me feel very good about my return and the only other way I will return again is if I speak to Tim or his partner Bill to ensure that I am treated fairly.  Pretty sad to me that you actually have to beg to be treated appropriately.

On a side note, there should be a special school for nurses called “The Tenderness Class” or perhaps the “Don’t be an Ass Hole to your Patients” class.  The class should include instructions on how to handle a lot of patients, time management, tenderness and patience lessons. It would make a good nurse great and you can weed out all the shitty nurses.  Just so everyone who reads this knows, I love nurses and the nurses I had a Martin Memorial North Hospital were exceptional.  They should be the one’s training the idiots that have ZERO bed side manor.  The absolute last thing any nurse should say to a patient is how they are not important because there are other more important cases. That should be grounds for immediate termination.

I will say that the blessing of Tim and Weston was truly the best thing that happened to me.  They were professional, caring, kind and above all they made sure that I wasn’t neglected or treated with any kind of disrespect.  I knew that this wasn’t the end of the rode for me, and I knew that I had a lot of hell to go through before I would have an answer but at least I was feeling comfortable and cared for.


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